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Hi Annie. I am so glad that I went searching for the

Posted by @newwest72, Sep 2, 2012

Hi Annie. I am so glad that I went searching for the message board and you because i didn’t get your last message. I am so sorry you had to leave your job that you loved but your health comes first. I am going to give you my email address if you don’t mind. I don’t know what happened but I have been missing your messages so decided to look for you again and there it was. I went to church this morning and came away feeling so uplifted. Our Spirits need caring for. I am going to visit my sister in law and a friend sept. 12 to the 16th. Penticton is only a 4 hr. drive from New westminster. My energy is finally returning. My email address is.
I hope this works. School is back on Tuesday after the summer off. Traffic and kids will be horrendous. Take good care Annie. hugs and positive thoughts going your way. Mary Ann @piglit



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Posted by @piglit, Sep 2, 2012

Hi Mary ann thanks for your kind words. It has not been easy for me these last few months as you are aware and have been such a dear friend and supported me as you always do So glad that your on the uphill again and Keep positive and I know that your faith with give you the strength you need as mine does each and everyday. Take care too and hugs back as always Annie

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