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Hi Andy, I read your post. I am brand new on this

Posted by @carolleej2, Sep 4, 2012

Hi Andy, I read your post. I am brand new on this site. I was at Mayo in Rochester in October of 2010, but a week after my arrival, before my testing was completed to diagnosis, I received the news that my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on the same day I left for Mayo. My family kept it from me but were worried and finally called me and I rushed home, undiagnosed, but that didn’t matter at the time. My family and I were in shock. We had the same questions you have. But, I have to said, all things being said and done, the Hospice was the right thing to do and they made his passing as comfortable for him as they could. My father did not have IVs. The disease progressed and it was 7 weeks to the day when he passed. He died on Dec. 1, 2010. He stayed off most pain meds as all the family was here and we wanted to celebrate his last Thanksgiving with him. He finally asked for pain meds and his weakness and color got significantly worse every day for the last week to ten days before he passed. Once he took the morphine he slept a lot and was only conscious a few minutes at a time. The last few days he was not conscious or suffering at all. His last three words (according to my sister-in-law, who was a nurse) that he uttered were “Thank you, Lord”. Somehow, through it all, he had the comfort of his Lord Jesus and his family all with him. It is painfully sad for us, and I know it is for you also, but my father passed on in peace and without pain. I think Hospice sees this so much and they know when it is not best to keep hanging on. It can just cause more time and agony for everyone involved. I will pray for you and your family. Your story touches my heart deeply. God bless you and keep you. @andyd


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