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Hi all , sorry i haven't been on in a while :(

Posted by @bink, Jan 17, 2013

Hi all , sorry i haven’t been on in a while 🙁 hope this finds most of you well . i have had some personal and family problems and deaths to deal with myself and around Thanksgiving i started feeling pretty bad and got jaundice again ~ finally got blood /lab work done in December and things are elevated again and a few things really low , had appt with Gastro Dr. on Tuesday and he doesnt really know what to do says my MELD score is a 15 now and wants to just watch me and repeat blood/lab work in April and see me then . I am going to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and have been told they put you on transplant list with a meld score of 15 so i don’t know if i should request he ( gastro dr. ) send my results up there or if i myself should send a copy to my doctor up there ???? . when i was there in Aug they told me in the next 2-5 years i would need a transplant depending how fast the PBC kept progressing ~ just so aggravated and unsure what to do


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