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Hi all. I just had a very close friend committ suicide by

Posted by @dorisjosie, Jun 27, 2012

Hi all. I just had a very close friend committ suicide by shooting himself a month ago.
We are all in utter shook and have gone the normal emotions of anger, sadness, pissed off, selfish etc.
I guess my question is now that the dust seems to have settled; I’m still have a bit I a hard one comprehending he is no longer with us to go Mtn biking or skiing or concerts. He was 41, had a decent career, unmarried. Any thoughts or advice will help. I see a therapist but at his point just want others perspectives that have been through this. Thanks to all. @foreverhislove



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Posted by @piglit, Jun 27, 2012

Hi Dorisjosie. I am so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. I myself have lost firends to suicide. I think that you have to allow yourself to go through the grief process, which are the emotions that you have described. It it hard to understand why they are no longer with you, but it was their chose and I feel that for someone to do this must have been in pain to hard to bear any longer. In time you will be able to remember all the wonderful memories that you had with your dear friend. Seeing a therapist is such a good idea for you, I’m a great believer in talking through things. Remember my dear when your feeling sad as you are that his soul is at peace know and that his pain has gone. I’m always here anytime if you need to talk Take Care Piglit

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