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Posted by Anonymous-5ab6924d in Healthy Living, Jun 11, 2013

Hi i wanna to share my thought. I am in depression and sufer from anxiety. I am taking zoloft 50mg. And klonopin. Since a started zoloft. I feel fuggy tired. I dont l know what to do. Should i quite them or keep taking the zoloft.

Tags: healthy living, depression, Anxiety, zoloft


Posted by @anon54214697, Jun 16, 2013

Talk to your doctor before quitting anything.

Those medications should not be abruptly stopped.


Posted by @anon01879703, Jun 17, 2013

Thank you very much. For let me know. I talked to my primary doctor. He said. Its good to keep taking the zoloft. Cause they are very good for people who have bad thoughts.


Posted by @anon73206538, Sep 30, 2013

Klonapin can be very addicting. My son took it and it knocked him out for hours. Maybe that's what the tiredness is from

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