Hey Mayo, last monday I went out to a local restaurant and [...]

Posted by TheHumanFountain @thehumanfountain, May 11, 2014

Hey Mayo, last monday I went out to a local restaurant and ordered some veal. The following tuesday I woke up with what I like to call “Fountain Diarrhea”. I was having at least 20 bowel movements a day for 3 days of nothing but liquid. I assumed it would pass but when it didn’t I walked down to the local clinic Friday morning. They prescribed me Ciproflox for 3 days until monday when I could see my family doctor. Since friday morning my stools have decreased from 20 a day to around 3 during the day and 3 early in the morning (~2am – 3am). As relieving as that sounds Im still very concerned that the diarrhea has lasted this long (5 days). Ive been doing the BRAT diet since my appointment at the clinic but nothing seems to want to come out solid. Ever since taking the Cipro Ill admit it hasnt been pure water, I’m seeing flaky sort of solidified stools mixed with some liquid. Is this a good sign of it getting better?

I have an appointment tomorrow with my family doctor but I’m looking for some advice, information and maybe some reassurance to get me through sunday. Im in no pain at all, I feel fine. I just cant stand lying in bed at night and hearing the gurgling. I keep telling myself “Okay this is it, this is going to be a solid stool I know it” every time I use the washroom, but its not. I know that sounds silly but its starting to get to my head, Ive never heard of “normal” diarrhea lasting this long. I do get paranoid over things like this and I always think the absolute worst. Im a 21 year old male, does it sound like I’m getting better? What do you think it could be and how long do you think it might last?

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