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Hey busybody boy get a clue & Leave my friend piglet alone!

Posted by @polly512 in Just Want to Talk, Sep 18, 2013

Hey busybody boy get a clue & Leave my friend piglet alone! Why are you even on this site? You seemingly r using it for socializing & u dont contribute anything useful as far as health issues..Go to FB you'll feel more at home there 🙂 @busyboy86


Posted by @busyboy86, Sep 19, 2013

u hav ny knwhow abt cuba,the country where i live...i can contribute 2 a gr8 xtent as far medical issues r concerned but the problem is u ppl think urself the proprietor of this site...nd piglit,he doesnt leave ny opportunity 2 poke her nose in other matters. i m a medical student too nd hav given medical suggestions 2 a couple of ppl..i hav not said ny word 2 ur so called friend piglit.he or she has a bad habit 2 poke her nose..wel keep goin


Posted by @piglit, Sep 19, 2013

I will respond too this as i feel the need. I have alot more years on you and i have found the comments quite rude and disrespectful. My concerns have been that you have been using this site for more social interaction and have considered some of your comments to be inappropriate. Many people that come on here have sensitive issues that need to be answered in a caring way. Take a look at many of the things that you have posted. I have many more years on you on a professional level, you need to be considerate to peoples feelings.By the way it doesn't matter where any of as live its about caring that matters in life.You need to consider this Busyboy86

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