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Here is my situation.. I've gotten 100s of people to check out

Posted by @switchinggranny, Aug 18, 2011

Here is my situation.. I’ve gotten 100s of people to check out the site w/ my essay. But some were overwhelmed by the registering process and just pressed Like w/o registering. So I know that their likes don’t count for this contest. My heart however remains stedfast that if I was able to find out about this exciting Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit just 6 hours before the deadline for submitting applications & essays. And felt to sick to even do it. The fact that I was moved to post my essay beyond my illness that day.. goes to show that it is a divine opportunity I could not miss out on trying for. Then today I see the crowd sourcing approach and had to get on the ball and blog my need/ tweet my need/ email my need and G+ my need- as I have deactivated my fb for a while due to family issues. All in one day b/c I didn’t see this yesterday.Yet thats all for the best.. got myself and many motivated to get the ball rolling. I’m so very excited that my “likes” dispite the fact that many didn’t register and do it correctly- moved from 1 this morning to 34 now!! Wow.. as far as I can tell this has moved me into the top 15 and for that I am pumped!! Your conference could change the way I’m able to reach out to those via social media.. especially those with chronic illness or care givers for those with chronic health issues. And Rare diseases. My Trigeminal Neuralgia was considered rare.. yet through the internet I was able to find a surgeon who “fixed” it and stopped the pain. Now our dear young son.. 33 years old with young onset parkinson’s.. my heart is broken.. but my spirit is not. I will scour the internets.. I will find the best help for him. And by attending this conference I will leran how to more efficiently accomplish this. And connecting w/ like minded people/ and physicians. Wow.. let the summit begin and let it begin with me as a part of it. Thank you so much. I’m glad I took the last minute plunge to write my essay.

There are many helpless out there.. suffering alone. I want to show them that they can reach out from their sick beds and make a difference in their own situation and most importantly in the situation of others.


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