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Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Posted by @lindah1 in Cancer, Jan 21, 2012

My husband has just been told that he needs a liver transplant, due to HCC, caused by Hepatitis C. We are still waiting for his initial appointment to be scheduled, but would like to hear any stories of anyone that has already been through this. We are traveling from Billings, MT to Rochester.

Tags: Cancer, Infectious Disease


Posted by @karen51, Mar 18, 2012

I had a liver transplant at Mayo May 4th 2011 due to Hep C's total destruction of my liver. I was lucky to get the transplant before cancer evolved. I can not recommend to highly the Mayo transplant team. They are the best, consistently rated #1 in the country. I would not go anywhere else. You will be in very, very, good hands. They will do everything possible to help you. Good luck! Karen Burkey

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