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Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Posted by @patbrogan in Cancer, Apr 2, 2012

My husband has been diagnosed with Hepatocellular Carcinoma Jan 20/12. prognoses 3 to 6 months. he was refered to an oncologist , first appoinment Feb5. Sent for blood work, CT scan, MRI. Returned to Dr Forouzesh (Oncologist) March 5. Refered to Dr Porter. Tracked down this Dr number, called ,only to find out he was not the proper Dr to be refered to, so the file was passed on to Dr Mulinair,appointment March 21. He said surgery was not an option, so he said he was refering him to a radiologist , talked about putting a catherder up through his groin and into the liver to give him a dose of Chemo. Waited until April 2, tried tio find out who he was actually refered to . through several phone calls , I was finally informed he was being refered to see a hepatologist . Called there office to be told there is only 2 in Nova Scotia and they are very busy, but your husband is on their radar , file being looked at and you should hear from me in a couple of days,with an appointment. My husband has multible tumors and one large one , all in the liver. Came on here to see if there was anyone with Hepatocellular Carcinoma , if they had treatment, and what was the outcome.

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Posted by @guyp, Apr 3, 2012

I have the same cancer. I've found symptom relief by eating mostly vegatables and fruit. I avoid cheese, use stool softener to avoid constipation, evening senna pill. 8.4 or "Smooth Move" tea (also senna) for constipation. Fish better than other protien. Cut sugar, drink purified water. No soft drinks. Little milk. Beans, peas, very little beef, drain ascides - I have Pleurx drain tube to do this at home. Green or peppermint tea.. Cut out medications for colestorol-hard on liver. Best wishes. Walk a little each day. Stay moving. I have lived 4 months longer than expected with no chemo or radiation. Keep blood sugars under control-very important. Get clothes that fit-pride. God bless you. Liver cancer weakens but with very little pain

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Posted by @patbrogan, Apr 3, 2012

It was very nice to hear from you. You have decribed the changes we have made in my husbands diet to the letter, even cut out meds for colestrorol, he was on cresto. No dr helped us with this, is was from reshearching on the internet . He does have a problem with ascides, but is less of a problem since we changed his diet. First time i've heard of the Pleurx drain tube. Thank you for your insite . God bless you .


Posted by @anon26628277, Apr 6, 2012

Also salt makes the ascites worse. We went on a strict low sodium diet for a few years before his transplant. It really helped him.


Posted by @patbrogan, Apr 22, 2012

We have just returned from seeing the Hepatologist, he has mutiple tumors on the large lobe of the liver and a large tumor on the small lobe, growing down into the portal vein. He will be starting Nexavar on April 30. All other options have been ruled out.


Posted by @sissygl749, May 31, 2012

My husband has small cell lung cancer, very fast growing, 6cm in lung. 2.5 cm in stomach, 9-12 mo. prog. I took us 4 weeks from diagonise to 1st chemo treatment and we were about to scream. I cannot imagine what you two have felt like. My heart goes out to you both. We have had 3 rounds of chemo, (no other treatments) 3days on and 18 days off. Friday he has a pet scan to see how the chemo worked and tuesday we meet with doc to hear the results. If it is not all gone we will start again. He has not been sick at all, just gets a little more tired. Thank God! We changed Onocologist after the second round of chemo, The doc was not very hopeful, but the new doc is still to the point but has a better way of presenting information. Wish I could help, this does for ever change our lives.


Posted by @patbrogan, Jun 5, 2012

My heart goes out to you both as well. Hope the pet scan is positive. My husband has been on Nexavar ,the maximun dose for a month. Very little side effects, tender skin, sore feet at times. He has lost 30 Lbs since he was diagnoiced Jan 20/12. His energy level is really good.


Posted by @sissygl749, Jun 12, 2012

I hope that everything is doing well for you two.

The pet scan was good, actually the doc said it was incrediable. The small tumor in the upper lung is gone, the two medium tumors in his stomach area are hardly visible and the large mass in his lung has shrunk by more than half. This is great news. He started 63 days of chemo again and then another pet scan. If it is all gone then they will stop everything and redo a scan at some point to see if it has returned.

The good side of this, if there is one, is , we have become closer so our conversations are sometimes too realistic but I guess things need to be said. He told me that he will probably be in chemo for the rest of his life,and now that the pet scan was good he feels that he has more time to get things done for me. We just built our house 4 years ago so there isn't any major things, just the yearly maintenance things, He sad that he felt he would be gone by August so I guess he would want to get things done, He is truely a amazing man. It is sad to me how many people are in chemo here, they see 150 patients a day and our area is just one little speck in the world. I hope and pray that you have a good support system around you, it helps alot, anytime you need to talk I will be available.

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Posted by @patbrogan, Jan 9, 2013

Sissygl749, just wondering how your husband is doing ? Mine is doing good, was given 3 to 6 months, a year ago this month. Still on Nexavar and a balanced diet. No red meat, no sugar.


Posted by @sissygl749, Jan 9, 2013

Pat. Wow , it has been a roller coaster ride, sometimes you don't think you can take another down or up which ever one has fear for you. We have finally given it over to God and will accept whatever He has in store for us. I may not like it but He knows best.
With My husbands type of cancer you do what they call Lines of chemo, which means each line is a new drug. They only have about 6-7 drugs available, we are on line 3 and the fifth drug. His first scan showed shrinkage, 2nd one showed some growth so we went to 2nd line chemo, that was in Sept. Things started interferring with chemo, so he only had 4 treatments in 4 months. Had a bad tooth needed pulled=no chemo, kidney numbers up=no chemo, brain mets=brain radiation=no chemo, can't breath=hospital=chest radiation=no chemo. But December 22=Chemo, 3rd line. Oh Yay!!
Overall we feel really blessed and Tom is doing good. He really hasn't been sick but just tired, but for him this would be sick since he is such a go getter. They gave him 8mo. to 1 year and we are on 10 months now. I really feel that we will go beyond a year and what ever God says we can have. He sold his business in October and I took a leave of absence from my work, I am loving not getting up at 4 am. He is staying busy making cabinets for our garage and he can finally taste food so he is excited about eating again and does alot of the cooking.
This journey has been so amazing, if it is possible. Don't get me wrong we have our moments! But, things just seem to fall in place all the time, it feels like we are walking down a path in the woods and the path turns, we follow to the left or right and it always goes forward, there is never a dead end.
TY so much for following up with me and I am so thankful to hear that you husband is doing well.
I have a web page you can check out if you would like, www., then type in Tom Sample.


Posted by @anon26628277, Apr 6, 2012

My husband had a liver transplant for liver cancer in January 2010. He has done well but now must go on teleaprevir to treat his hep c. R there any post transplant patients that have done this new treatment?


Posted by @anon26628277, Apr 6, 2012

I should say that mayo did heat and alcohol ablation to shrink the tumors so that he could meet the criteria for transplant. That and lots of prayers he has been cancer free since the new liver. God bless and never give up. Where there is breath there is hope.

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