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Hepatic encephalopathy

Posted by @techi, Thu, Jan 3 6:48am

I hope everyone had a happy new year despite what the year before we went through. I have to count as all join lmade another day. I just came out the hospital on the 27th for psychosis, bipolar but why l was admitted? I notified my doctor at the mayo clinic for my xifaxan. I had ran out. He's the greatest. He called it on December 11th. I was having psychotic symptoms and was admitted on the December 16th. I missed Christmas with my family just because they couldn't see l was having symptoms of HE. So he called in my med for 550mg and on the 27th the neurologist calls in 250mg of the same meds. I went to the pharmacy yesterday to pickup my med but is was closed for the new year. So today l called the pharmacy to pickup my meds and he tells me the one from the 11th is ready but the insurance for the one on the 27th the insurance doesn't want to fill. Ok l understand that exactly but because of the doctor negilance l missed Christmas with my family. And l lost my mother last year also. But to keep my sanity l have to count all joy!!! Because Jesus was the reason for the season not me. So tomorrow l go to see the psychiatrist and l pray God will put a seal around my mouth just like he did abraham before sarah had a first baby at 90. Just Pray for me. And l am so blessed today my adopted grandson from church wants to spend the day with me on Friday. He has autism but he's such a blessing to me because he just loves me and waits for me to come to church. That gives me joy and l know each pain l suffer is all worth it

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