Hep c diagnosis

Posted by Lisa @techi, Nov 27, 2018

Yesterday l went to my doctor who l see for my colonoscopy. I was looking for a new gastroenterologist since my previous one retired. So l saw his nurse practitioner, they said she specializes in liver disease. So when we were talking she said you have hep c? I told her when l was admitted in the hospital the hepatologist l have admitted because l was sick from refixiam and l passed out when l went to see my rheumatologist. But he told me everything was normal but later l have a diagnosis of hep c and cirrhosis. I told her l had to go to back to the mayo clinic just to get a test they wouldn't do at the hospital. So l showed her the doctors notes. She told me l don't believe you have hep c but l am going to run a test to make sure since they have that on your chart. Now this liver doctor l told him l am allergic to aspirin and he gave it to me anyway. I am allergic to Keppra and l was given that also and l had a reaction. Then after the reaction l found out they had 2 psychiatrists come in. And l found this out when l got a copy of my records. So after she ordered the test she calls me with the results and she tells me you don't have hep c and we are taking that off. Praise God!!! Then she said you need to see a cardiologist. I told hercule tried to get a new one when l was admitted for bradycardia. The funny thing is the doctor l want is her bosses brother. But my previous cardiologist is in serious trouble and both cardiologists work at the same hospital/clinic. So right now the doctor are at a standstill because he might have caused a worse effect on patients who didn't have a bad problem but who knows.

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