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Hemoglobin count 7.3

Posted by @melissarenee, Sep 26, 2012

I went to emergency room w abdominal paIn last night. They found inflammatioN and treated it and pain disappeared. I’m on anti inflammatory meds now. Emergency room sent report to my cardiologist since she’s only doctor I’ve seen at this hospital . THis cardiologist called me this am said my hemoglobin was 7.3 and should be 14. She said to go see a gastroenterologist ASAP. I said …you mean today or call and make an appt. ….she said its possibly serious, I can’t tell you when to go but ASAP is all I know to tell you.

Anybody have suggestions. I just this week moved back to Houston and this cardiologist didn’t want to give me a referral. She’s about to retire but in past before I moved out of Houston 6 yrs ago, she was helpful, treated my late husband when he had a heart attack and has given me a well check once a year since my 20’s. Heart disease runs in family is why I am so careful. Anyway, she said “you haven’t been in for checkup in over 5 years, I can’t help with this. I thanked her and now I’m looking for a gastroenterologist but don’t really know if I’m in trouble and need to go to an emergency room or risk picking a doctor I know zero about. Help please. Thanks


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