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Posted by @robinbird, Jul 23, 2012

I was just diagnosed with Hemochromotosis and have been reading up on the subject. Is there anyone out there that has Friedreich Ataxia as a result of Hemochromotosis?

My little sister has just been diagnosed as well with Hemochromotosis. Our two older brothers are deceased, one from an undetermoned neurodegenerative disease and the other from lung problems. Neither of our brothers were ever tested for or diagnosed with Hemochromotosis.

Both my sister and I have symptoms of Friedreich Ataxia including heart arryhythmias, scholiosis and foot deformities. I had onset of ataxia and decreases in motor skills, speech fluency, slowed mental processes, hypothyroidism with parathyroid disease, and pain and weakness in my joints and muscles in my early thirties.

Any comments?


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