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Hemicolectomy with ileocolonic anastomosis

Posted by @maggie12, Feb 1, 2017

hemicolectomy with ileocolonic anastomosis- any one familiar with this surgery?

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Hello @maggie12, Hello and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect! I am glad you have found our community and have posted your question about hemicolectomy and ileocolonic anastomosis. You will notice that I moved your discussion to our Digestive Health group. You starting this discussion will be helpful to others who are here looking for the same information. You’ve come to a great place for support and information!

Here is some information from Mayo Clinic regarding colectomy.

In the meantime, allow me to introduce you to @needhope, @arletta, @namaste, @robinsonaocampo, @gaylordgout, @wishingforhealth who have had colectomy, and we hope will join this conversation with some information for you. @cindymw100, @pattiann61, @apriltbo1995, and @emiller2, would you be able to offer more insight, and share your experiences about the j-pouch procedure with @maggie12?

@maggie12, can you tell us, are you researching this information for future surgical options? or have you already had this procedure done?

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