Help with caring for my husband suffering from cancer

Posted by rebecca1972 @rebecca1972, Jan 22, 2017

Hi my name is Rebecca…im caring for my husband suffering with cancer any advice for me i need help

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Hi Rebecca,
We have several members in the Caregivers group on Connect who are caring for a partner or parent with cancer. Can you tell us a bit more about you and your husband? What type of cancer does he have? What concerns you today?

We’re here to help. You’re not alone.


My husband has liver and bone cancer. It started with throat cancer he over came it then it speaded.My concern is hes losing alot of weight and is not able to eat due to sores in his mouth from the chemo.


If I understand correctly, your husband has throat cancer which has spread (metastasized) to the bones and the liver. I can understand your concern about him losing weight because he cannot eat due to the sores in his mouth. @lzzie @mrsjhagen18 and @lisa_sj99 talk about mouth sores in this discussion on Connect:
– Mouth sores, no taste and no saliva and other side effects

Lisa’s husband also has throat cancer. I’m also tagging @burrkay @IndianaScott @soul @sandydominy1 and @azjulie who know about the worries when the person we are caring for loses weight and cannot eat. I know they will welcome your questions and share the journey with you.

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