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help! My gall bladder was takin out in 08 and im worse!!

Posted by @jeremybabbs in Digestive Health, Mar 8, 2013

Ever since my gb has been out I have been miserable! I deal with a little bit of nausea but my big problem is i cant eat hardly anything without getting severe cramps and explosive diahrrea. It usually is just a mucusy stomach bile! I no its normal for a little while after surgery but I cant hardly take this any more. Someone please help docs say they dont no whats wrong!!!


Posted by @babo, Mar 9, 2013

I've has same problem since mine was removed also. It has a name but can't remember it but it is something like Post cholectomy Syndrome. Hope things get better for you soon.


Posted by @jeremybabbs, Mar 11, 2013

What med r u on and do u have relief?

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