help me please

Posted by bunny1989 @bunny1989, Oct 13, 2016

i took 20 pills of gabapentin, they where 300mgs each and i just want to kill myself. if you do care about ppl then fix this plz and help me plz

There are many reasons to want to live. Ive been suicidal so. I know life can be good again. Im very hapoy now. Have been for 9 years steady.

Call 911 NOW and tell them what you wrote here and go into the bathroom and stick three fingers down your throat and throw up while youre waiting for them to arrive. Dont flush the toilet. Then go unlock the front door and go back into the bathroom and make yourself vomit again. Dont flush. Show them what you threw up. Keep making yourself throw up as much as you can.

Post here when youve thrown up twice. I care. I honestly care about you and know in my heart you will be happy again.

Thank you @tlp521 for jumping in so quickly to help @bunny1989. Bunny, please let us know how you are.

If at any point you start to feel like you may consider hurting yourself, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 for immediate help.

I just read this . . . Are you OK now? Please let us know how you are. I’ve been where you are now – NOTHING feels worse. Tip gave you some great advice. I really hope you took it. Next steps are to put yourself under a psychiatrist’s care for evaluation for meds, psychotherapy, group therapy, in-patient psych care. . . There are LOTS of treatments out there.

Since we are on the Mayo web site I might as well mention that Mayo-Rochester has an AWESOME 2 week out-patient program that can turn your life AROUND. It worked for me when I tried it as a last ditch effort to save myself when ABSOLUTELY NOTHING else helped. I had been in therapy for years, tried every med anybody ever heard of, and had a 2 week in-patient stay. An incident occurred however, that pushed me over the edge. It was so painful I couldn’t bear it and I just couldn’t find my way back. Something, or perhaps many things, may have pushed you over the edge. There really is help out there. There are treatments out there. You just have to stretch out your hand. We will grab it and help you.

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