Help Mayo & UofMN understand gyne cancer & sexual health needs

Are you interested in helping clinicians better understand real-life experiences about sexual health and living with gynecologic cancer?

Mayo Clinic is collaborating with the Program in Human Sexuality at the University of Minnesota Medical School. They want to talk with adults diagnosed with gynecologic cancer for a study on sexual health needs.

Study tasks will take about 160 minutes and include 1) completing a survey and 2) participating in a focus group online over Zoom. Group interviews will focus on your experiences of sexual distress, sexual health, relational health, and sexual function as a gynecologic cancer survivor. Information gained from this study will provide the foundation to create prevention and treatment methods to better promote sexual wellbeing in women with gynecologic cancer.

To participate, you must be
a) an adult diagnosed with ovarian, cervical, endometrial, vaginal or vulvar cancer,
b) at least three months post treatment,
c) English speaking, and
d) able to provide informed consent.

All relationship statuses welcome, not only those who are in committed relationships.

This study is supported by an Institutional Research Grant from the American Cancer Society. You will receive $40 for your participation after the focus group interview.

Interested? Please contact the study coordinator, Kat Arenella, at (612) 624-4766. You can also call or email Kat at if you have additional questions.

How has gynecological cancer affected you and your sexual health?

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