Help! How to cope with having schizoid personality disorder?

Posted by qrb @qrb, Dec 12, 2012

Hi all, I have had a life long problem of being very disconnected from other people, myself, and life…. If that makes since. A few years ago I was diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder by a psychiatrist here in the Bay Area. She told me I need’nt do anything about it, just try to keep myself busy. Which, in my case just means working and, possibly, volunteering. But, that’s where my problem lies. Like I said in the beginning, I’m extremely disconnected from people so, when I go to my part time job I just do my job and go home, I don’t talk to any of my coworkers. I have suffered with depression for about 20 years now, and lately it has gotten worse, all of a sudden I’ll start sobbing, which has never been my experience before. I’m pretty sure this is due to my schizoid personality disorder/ disconnectedness from life. My life is extremely empty and I really don’t want it to feel like this anymore. Is anyone out there dealing with this disorder themselves or know someone that has it? How does one cope/deal with this? I’m really sick of the limitations this is putting on me.

Check out depersonalization disorder. There is a great blog site that may be of help for you. Good luck!


Try imagining yourself as a small cog in a big…

It’s ok to be small in something big

That’s the condition we all are living in, I would say.

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