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Help getting a Headstone for Breast Cancer patient

Posted by Anonymous-0a7fd365 in Breast Cancer, Jun 20, 2012

Im looking to see if there is a organization to help breast cancer patients who have lost their battle with breast cancer. If anybody has heard of and organization like this please let me know. If there isn't one then its time to get one started,Im just a kid but I have found out that my mom has been with out a headstone or marker on her grave since loosing her battle with breast cancer. If theres not can someone help me get one some how, its like she was never here if there is no headstone with her name saying she was here and was the best mother in the whole world and I loved her more than anything else in this world and she was beautiful and kind and loved children and animals. Please let me know , Thank you


Posted by @wayneaj56, Jun 20, 2012

I mest up and didn't put a contact name on Help Breast Cancer patient get a Headstone my contact name is wayneaj56 on this Mayo website, Thanks

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