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help from all , i think my mrsa is back, from a root canel..(dental work)

Posted by @mleder9901, Dec 31, 2011

i like to know and talking with my husband the last two hours, about how i got sick, very ill. inwhich i have not been this sick or ill or run a a fever, almost 103 , five years ago, when the mrsa got in my blood , being treated by a dr.shulman i think. that told me i had mrsa and i needed to be treated, his treatment , ended up giving a huge blood clock and spreading mrsa through the blood, and i lived, by the help of dr. sutten and northwestern staff. since 2005 i have been colonised with mrsa, but i watch for cuts, and my body , and if mrsa attack, my body was able to fight it back,

so today , over two weeks ago i had to have root canel, i forgot about mrsa. i had to hve two visits , because the first visits, i was bleeding alot and he could,t complete the work. i started to not feel well, and i started to run small fevers, and after the second visite with the dentist, i became sick, but my body fought it and i somewhat felt ok, but last week, ,December 24, to now December 30, i got real sick, i ran fevers almost ot 103, in which i havent been this sick since the mrsa(2005) i totally forgot about what i went through to now, and being this sick this last week, is what i felt 2005, i forgot about mrsa, and im now wondering if running a high fever almost 103, and fighing it in which in the past five years ago, the history seems the same, small fevers, and high fevers nd very high unitl i endded up in the hosiptal. right now i broke the fever, but i forgot to tell the doctor or the dental dr. that i had mrsa/

im not running a fever, but im still not well and weak, and five years ago, it kept coming back (mrsa) higher fever,

need help could the root canel started the mrsa attacking the blood again.

i need help and what to do,

thanks m


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