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Posted by @dathoml in Brain & Nervous System, Nov 29, 2011

I'm 34 yrs old for 2 weeks I have been in the ER 3 times they just send me home
I have disorder speech and my left side goes numb, One DR in the Er gave me some nerve pill to relax me, I can't speak without thinking first but it comes out slow and get really tired to walk some days I have numbness on my left side, I went to a neorologist he pretty much told me I was crazy and go see a Psychologist due to stress, well I'm not crazy, I have signs like Lyme disease, I also have been taking water pill and diet pills which I have thos side effects also I have been off it for a week now, can you please help me?


Posted by @alexsimon, Dec 30, 2011

Hello -
If you would like to see a Mayo Clinic physician please click on the "Requst an Appointment" button on the upper right hand corner of your screen.

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