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Posted by @roysbaby in Bones, Joints & Muscles, Oct 14, 2011

I have run out of insurance it won't pay anymore this year I'm in pain and can only get tramadol is this normal?my rumatologist says its not bones so what is it?
I have lupus


Posted by @celeste, Oct 28, 2011

Ihave3bulging disks, spinal stenosis and and arthritis in back and hip. My dr gives me tramadol because it is considered a non-narcotic. It doesn't help much but dr's are so against giving pain meds todays, it is frustrating. How many mg is your tramadol? I also take a muscle relaxer that helps some

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Posted by @roysbaby, Oct 28, 2011

Its only 50 they gave me 10 mg presidone I feel good now


Posted by @celeste, Oct 29, 2011

Glad to hear that you are feeling better. I am taking 50 mg. also can I ask how often you take them. I received your notification of this email and had to look twice as your name is roys baby, since my husbands name is roy it caught my attention. LOL!


Posted by @roysbaby, Jan 16, 2012

thats my husbands name and i have roysbaby and a rose tatooed on my leg. they took away the tramadol because i had a seizure


Posted by @celeste, Jan 16, 2012

Oh really! I have been taking tramadol for months with little releif but that is all the dr will give me.I also take tizanidine which is a muscle relaxer that helps a little


Posted by @roysbaby, Jan 19, 2012

im on endomiacine and depakote for the seizures. no they wont give ya anything here for pain


Posted by @sweetsaur, Jan 15, 2012

Try looking into your state's health insurance pool. It will usually have letters like MHIP for Missouri Health Pool. If you have been turned for the right reasons they will sign you up. it will not be cheap but what insurance it. So far it has been great for my daughter who suffers a lot of nerve pain.

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