Hello VA, my daughter was diagnosed with this disorder and because of

Posted by Mrsmaddog @mrsmaddog, Sep 8, 2011

Hello VA, my daughter was diagnosed with this disorder and because of my persistence and research I actually was the one to diagnose her. Being a civilian and bringing the research to her pediatrician some 27 yrs ago. He called me on the phone one day and I dropped the phone in tears when he said “YES” you’re right. Bring her in and I have a specialist that she can see in this OCD. She was in therapy for years from the age of 3 until she started High School. She is now married and her husband is in the Navy (Submarine). She will always deal with it but due to the great therapists she’s received she is doing much better in learning strategies to deal with it and is now growing her hair back a little at a time.
I sincerely know the pain it causes the person and the confusion the family feels since they are ignorant to the OCD’s that have so many types. They make light of it but I perservered in pushing thru it ignoring their comments and made sure my daughter was my #1 priority to find her help.
When she got old enough which was thru high school I gave her the envelope of all the research I did and the ground work I did to get her the info to put her forward and support groups to use.
She is doing very well.
I am so proud of her and her accomplishements. I wouldn’t take no for an answer from any doctors that couldn’t grasp the idea that this was a true “OCD”.
Be strong and know that there is support out there and others like yourself that are there for you.
Take care,
Please feel free to talk about it, it will educate more people and give you relief of a lot of the stress.
I am now 52 yrs old and my daughter 30 yrs old.
God bless you and keep you strong. @vapuller

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