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Delayed Phase Sleep Syndrome

Posted by @dawson54, Oct 23, 2013

Hello — not asking for a DX, but merely for general opinions. My problem is that I sleep very well at the wrong time of day. I naturally fall asleep anywhere from 4AM to 6AM, and stay asleep until about 1PM to 3PM. I have tried moving my bedtime backwards in small increments. No luck. My pulmonologist suggested moving forward an hour every two weeks until I was sleeping at night. Again, no luck.

I have been this way all my adult life (I’m 60), and have always been able to work on my own schedule. The same pulmonologist mentioned “Delayed Phase Sleep Syndrome,” and said I might be one of the many who have this. So here’s where I’d love your opinion: is this a for-real syndrome, or just the new disease-du-jour?

(To be comprehensive, I need to mention that I have several diseases that cause great fatigue — Sjogren’s Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease since 1974, and bronchiectasis with DLCO of 55-65. And, most of my medications cause drowsiness or sleepiness of some sort. Exercise is difficult, but I do try. Some days are better than others.) Thanks!


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Posted by @graydlett, Apr 29, 2014

Hello. I too am on the same sleep schedule as you and I too am 60 years old! right now…I am just going with it. not fighting anymore. I just think of myself as being on a different shift. I moved from the west coast to the east coast 32 years ago and still am on west coast time.

looking at it from a natural health viewpoint…I found that our body has it’s own unique biorhythm….and it is healthier..if possible…to work our schedules around what comes most naturally for our body’s rest/awake cycles. I did that and it has helped me feel better. since I don’t have to abide by the constraints of any other schedule…I’m looking at it as a Liberty I get to have at this age…to sleep when I want and be awake when I want. I get a lot of things accomplished and have less anxiety over it.

it was very hard on me as a kid to get up for school…and not fall asleep in school…I made it 🙂 but it was hard. and all my working years…hard…but I did it. now? I don’t have to run my life according to another’s time schedule…so I don’t any longer. I feel blessed to be able to do this…I know many can not….the only reason I get to now is because I am home bound with a terminal lung disease (pulmonary fibrosis)….so it’s not a *luxury* as an insensitive relative suggested. it’s just smart and my circumstances allow for it. I’d rather not have the disease.

does it bother you very much to be on a different wake/sleep cycle than what is…the usual? it use to bother me a lot…but now I’m being easier on myself about it.

Just sharing my experience with this and I hope that you will be able to find an answer that does not involve some of those dangerous prescription drugs they tried (and did) push on me every time I had a doctor appointment. some of those things…hurt me worse than what they were suppose to help me with. some were hard to wean off from even after a very short time of being on them. and I still am having hard side effects that I hope will diminish over time.

I drink Chamomile tea when I want to settle down. one bag of chamomile and one bag of peppermint. nice and relaxing and conducive for dozing 🙂 I also use a calming herbal combination that I purchase from a great place to get healthy things for half the price of the local health food store.

I sure hope you can find some answers that will work for you! 🙂

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