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Hello Mary, my mother was diagnosed about 8 mos. ago by accident.

Posted by @ccdavisbennett in Just Want to Talk, May 3, 2012

Hello Mary, my mother was diagnosed about 8 mos. ago by accident. Cancer runs in her side of the family so she gets a physical every 6mos ago. Even though she was not symtomatic, they noticed that her heart beat seemed abnormal. They replaced her aorta shortly there after. It was replaced with an artificial valve and she felt the best that she felt in years! She started taking walks and such but go a call stating that she had this disease that none of us ever heard of! She when to our local Rheumatologist (spelling ?) and was placed on a large dose of pred. 8 months later she has been placed on 14 different types of meds a day! She is very swollen and can't breath. She now has whole body pain, major bloating, IBS (irritable bowel), and was just told Monday after being rushed to the ER for back pain and IBS issues that her kidneys are not working properly. I am so mad because she felt amazing one day to now taking 14 pills and her kidneys are shutting down? She will see a new Dr. Friday for that issue. She will not drive to Columbus but I think that I will simply go and kidnap her, LOL. I was wondering if you have advice or if you are willing to tell me how you are doing on your treatment?

Thank you,

Christy @marylynn

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