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Notre Dame

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Hello - I'm a new member and I'll like to know if

Posted by @notredame, Oct 27, 2012

Hello – I’m a new member and I’ll like to know if anyone have or had been diagnosed with “Transverse Myeilites” and if they have over come this illness of inflamation of the spinal cord. I have to thank my Lord that I’m walking, working and just driving back and forth to work, but the after effect of the inflammation which has caused damage to the nerve and the pain is unbearable on the left side of my stomach and it goes all the way towards the middle of my back and then the tightness on my feet and the sensitivity to touch on my leg is very much uncomfortable. I have been with this ordeal since May and I wlll like to know if anyone has experience or is experiencing what I’m going through? Is there hope that I will have a full recovery. Thank you!


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