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Writing from far off Sri Lanka... Diagnosed with Livedoid Vasculopathy

Posted by @ceejay in Skin Health, Jun 30, 2014

Hello , I am writing from far off Sri Lanka.I am a Medical Doctor by profession. I ve been diagnosed with
Livedoid Vasculopathy since about 3 years ago - have had remissions on about 4 occasions.No specific therapy has answered, but in very initial stages of "eruptions ",a compressive such as firm-fitting socks seem to slow down or stop progression.However, on a few occasions,has gone the full course with neuropathic ,almost unbearable pain with ulceration. Dressed ulcers with BIATAIN COLOPLAST and TRAMADOL 50 mg for pain.I felt that mild / moderate exercise ie walking, helped accelerate healing -- of course it did recur a few months later.We ve no warm / cold seasons here; therefore not seasonal.Cant pin-point any triggering factors. Longest spell I ve had free of signs and symptoms is about 6 months. Presently , having an " attack ', and just commenced BROWN APPLE CIDER VINEGAR 20 mls twice daily -- too early to analyse any benefit. Mine is virtually a Text Book case in symptomotology and appearances. My Dermatologist diagnosed LV at very first consultation

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Posted by @Margaret_Marie, Jul 2, 2014

Thanks for your post, @ceejay.


Posted by @mlemieux, Feb 2, 2016

Hi @ceejay thanks for sharing that information. I can relate to your story 100% as I too suffer from the same.

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I hope this helps!

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