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Hello. I am a relatively healthy and happy 82-year-old. My husband and

Posted by @wea28gla30, Jul 31, 2012

Hello. I am a relatively healthy and happy 82-year-old. My husband and I are still quite active for our ages in our church and the community. We have 3 daughters, two of which live near us — the oldest in Florida. We have 4 great grandchildren and one great-grandson! But do I have a weird problem to share with you! Four months ago I awoke one morning as usual and realized I was hearing beautiful, harmonic music in my head. It sounded like a full choir of mostly men with deep voices. The music consisted of songs I have known since very early childhood, ranging from religious songs to patriotic songs to favorite songs from my teen years. This condition has continued to this day (4+ months) “playing” continuously except when I sleep. At first I heard the same song over & over (Silent Night), but one day I “thought” of another song and bingo! — I began “hearing” it! I now can “change the song” at will, but I cannot get rid of this constant music in my head. The volume of the singing varies at times, but it constantly sounds like a 4-part harmony choir. I hear the words as well as the music.
Obviously, I find this a frustrating situation, and therefore have gone to an ENT specialist who did a hearing test on me. I have worn a hearing aid since 1993. He saw no problems beyond the loss that my hearing aid was helping to alleviate. He referred me to a Neurologist (Dr. Bhypalam) who openly discusses the fact of his fascination with this problem and telling me that I am his first patient to express such a thing. He has prescribed two different medications during the past 2-1/2 months which have made no changes in the problem. The last medication was for “bipolarism & schizophrenia” and only knocked me out for periods as long as 12 hours at a time — no other effects.

I am now wondering about pursuing hypnosis from an accredited doctor here in Louisville. If any of you have experienced this problem and have found any relief at all. please write back —– I am so tired.
I might say that I am a musician and love beautiful harmony. I play piano and have sung all my life.
Thank you for listening! Have a blessed day! LaVerne


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