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Hello. I am a relatively healthy and happy 82-year-old. My husband and

Posted by @wea28gla30 in Just Want to Talk, Jul 31, 2012

Hello. I am a relatively healthy and happy 82-year-old. My husband and I are still quite active for our ages in our church and the community. We have 3 daughters, two of which live near us -- the oldest in Florida. We have 4 great grandchildren and one great-grandson! But do I have a weird problem to share with you! Four months ago I awoke one morning as usual and realized I was hearing beautiful, harmonic music in my head. It sounded like a full choir of mostly men with deep voices. The music consisted of songs I have known since very early childhood, ranging from religious songs to patriotic songs to favorite songs from my teen years. This condition has continued to this day (4+ months) "playing" continuously except when I sleep. At first I heard the same song over & over (Silent Night), but one day I "thought" of another song and bingo! -- I began "hearing" it! I now can "change the song" at will, but I cannot get rid of this constant music in my head. The volume of the singing varies at times, but it constantly sounds like a 4-part harmony choir. I hear the words as well as the music.
Obviously, I find this a frustrating situation, and therefore have gone to an ENT specialist who did a hearing test on me. I have worn a hearing aid since 1993. He saw no problems beyond the loss that my hearing aid was helping to alleviate. He referred me to a Neurologist (Dr. Bhypalam) who openly discusses the fact of his fascination with this problem and telling me that I am his first patient to express such a thing. He has prescribed two different medications during the past 2-1/2 months which have made no changes in the problem. The last medication was for "bipolarism & schizophrenia" and only knocked me out for periods as long as 12 hours at a time --- no other effects.

I am now wondering about pursuing hypnosis from an accredited doctor here in Louisville. If any of you have experienced this problem and have found any relief at all. please write back ----- I am so tired.
I might say that I am a musician and love beautiful harmony. I play piano and have sung all my life.
Thank you for listening! Have a blessed day! LaVerne

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