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Hello, I am a 41 years old male that until July 2014, [...]

Posted by @hlj73, Nov 3, 2014

Hello, I am a 41 years old male that until July 2014, never had a health issue other than kidney stones. It all started one night when I woke up and I was feeling terrible, I was thinking to myself, what’s going on with me. I had light tremors, nausea, lightheaded, tingling sensations in my hands feet. Well, later to follow was extreme fatigue, burning sensation/pain around the base of my head and neck, dizziness, light headedness, feeling like air is trapped inside my head, fullness in the ears and hi pitch sound that moves from one side to the other to both, tremors. During heavy attacks, tremors, tinnitus, stiff neck, headache, nausea, diarreah, weird sensations like water drops running down the skin or the heat. I also get blurry vision and at times things appear to be moving/vibrating, my face twitches. Also I a thing I noticed is that when all this started, I had just recently been diagnosed with HSV-1 and had an outbreak. At all this, I have never developed fever. I have been to the ER 6 times since July 2014 and the latest visit was October 30th. I have also seen my GP several times, my Urologist, and one ENT. All tests come back negative and the CT scan from my brain was all good. Everyone has said that I have a panic/anxiety disorder and maybe that’s the case, but I think the hsv-1 could have gotten in my brain or something else inside my brain. Last time when I visited the ER and I mentioned the HSV-1 in my brain, but they said that I’m supposed to develop fever, but I have read several boards when people claimed it was in their brain but had no fever. The hospital that day, refilled my prescription of acyclovir and advise me to visit Mayo clinic if this continues. I ask anyone out there that could shine some light to please advise or share their opinion or story. I’m very desperate, Thank you


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