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Hello hope all is well with u. How is the insomnia and

Posted by @rubysusie in Just Want to Talk, Jul 12, 2012

Hello hope all is well with u. How is the insomnia and depression? Did they ever try an antidepressant or sleep aid if u don't get sleep everything is out of kilter and depression gets worse. Just a thought! Let me know how yer doing. Friend jodi. Ruby @lovinjesus


Posted by @lovinjesus, Jul 12, 2012

Hi Rubysusie, well....I have been sleeping weel for a few nights but last night turned on me. I guess I got 3 hours sleep. My mind was spinning like a tornado. Horrible, isn't it! As far as the depression, I have not had an anti-depressant for many weeks, nor have I had an anxiety pill. I feel much better getting off them. Of couse I do feel sad once in a while so I just cry; or I did but may be over that as wekll. I searched myself to find out why I was not happy and felt sad a lot. I am taking care of that problem now. I am making sure no person, no matter who they are, can hurt me so much that I get depressed again. I am putting me first from now on and taking care of me. I am loving me because if I don't who will. I have my "ME TIME" back and I feel better. I pray you are doing well. Smile and hugs to you my friend. Gerri


Posted by @piglit, Jul 13, 2012

Hi lovingJesus. You no that I have suffered from anxiety and depression for nearly all of my life. I can't take anything for it due to me being on blood thinning medication. I don't sleep well at nights either, but I do find when you have an extra bad night that a warm drink of milk and honey can help, and also I use lavender cream and oil as this helps to relax. It works sometimes for me. Just a little suggestion Take care Piglit

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