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Hello Friends! Well I Got Taken Out Of My House Thursday On

Posted by @exscruciatingfibropain in Just Want to Talk, Feb 27, 2012

Hello Friends! Well I Got Taken Out Of My House Thursday On A Guirnie & Got To Take An Ambulance Due To Some If The Most Awful Pain I've Endured In Years...Not To This Extent !! No Amount Of Morphine & Voltarin Was Touching This Pain!! The Wonderful Doctors & Nurses Took Great Care Of Me..Even When Time To Get To Go Home!! With the Exception Of One Nurse That Told Me It Was "My Fault" I Was In So Much Pain Because I Hadn't Taken Any Medicine That Day..Uhmmmm First Off It Was A Little After Lunch Time!!
The Doctors Said Taking My Morphine Was Like Taking Water!! It Took 6 Times To Get An IV Line In..Ouch!! They Loaded Me Down With Dalaudid & Still Wasn't Touching It,So They Loaded Me Down Again Immediately & Came Aling With Ativan-Zofran & Phenergan too !!
Well They Done A CT & An MRI To Look At My Back. No Good News What So Ever!! I Have Swelling On My Spine,Degenerative Disc,Buldging Discs,Deteriated Discs,Callapsed Discs...A Couple More Issues!! Oh Yes The Spinal Arthritis. They Set Me Up To Go See A Back Surgeon...Not For Back Surgery,But For Implanting APain Pump Simulator...Does Anyone Know Anything About These Things & Out Of Idol Curiosity..."What Medicine Is In These Things"?? I Seen There Was 2 Different Kinds. The Ironie Was I Had Looked At Them On Here,Ran Across Them By Complete Accident Too!! Any Information Would Be Greatly APPRICIATED !! I Seen Where One Is Implanted Into Your Bottom(I think it said after wearing one on the outside for 7 To 9 Days To See It's Effect & Dosage..Please don't quote me on that) & I Seen Where The Other Was Implanted In Your Stomache.
As Far As The Right Breast Leakage...Doesn't Look Good Either! I Got A Call From Mary Ellen Locker Breast Cancer Foundation For Me To Call To Come In For A Mamoghram Between The Thick Sticky Cottage Chese Or Clabberd Milk Looking Gunk and A Few Lumps They Found.
What A Mess Friends!! I Have To Call And Make An Appointment For The Pain Pump. I Will Be Sure To Keep You All Posted On What I Find Out,But Like I Said..Any Information Will Be Greatfully APPRICIATED.
Between Fibromyalgia Crazy Awful Pain,Nueropothy(That has Never been Addressed From Almost A Full Year Ago!!) & The Kidney Damage and Failure & Let's Throw In The Complete Thyroidectomy & All 4 Parathyroid Glads Removed Too..This Is A Lot and Not Even All !!! Either Way I'm Refuse To Curl Up In A Ball and Be Full Of Self Pitty...I Will Continue To Smile Through The Pain,Convince Myself That My Tears Are My Allergies and My Eyes Are Watering and When I Turn My Head To Either Side Tilted Down Example::To Put Deoderant On Or Looking To Shave Under My Arms..My Head Is & Has Been Getting Stuck to The Point I Physically Have To Move It With My Hands?!? I Told My Doctor He Said Probably Scar Tissue Causing It..Even though Uf I Try To Drink A Warm Beverage,Even Soup..It Chokes Me?!? I Have 13 Titainium Clips Holding My Vocal Cords-Laraynex & Esphofagus In Place. I Found Out From Another Doctor A few Years Ago That The Had Left Some Thyroid Tissue In Ny Throat!! Nice Huh!! They Removed 26grams Of Cancer In My Throat. That They Were Able To Get Out..I Have NOT Had A New Scan But (1) One Time Since The Surgery..Almost 11years Ago!!! There's Always A Ton Of Excuses & I Don't Know Where Or Whom To Turn To!!! Does It Also Sound NORMAL For Any Person To Have Cancer To Begin With and At This Magnatude NOT To EVER Be Assigned An Oncologist At All ?!?!?! Reason Being...Because Through All Of This Cancer Crap(That may I add has taken out 90% of My Family Since I Was In The 2nd Grade. When There Was NO Such Thing As Chemotherapy or Radiation Then!!! Only These Vials Of Liquid That My Mother Had To Lug From One Doctor To The Other..The Medication In That Vial Was Called Colbalt Treatments.. I Live In Tennessee Now But Was Born In New York Thank God...Because There Wasn't ANY Doctors Here That Had ANY Treatments For Cancer..Oh They Did Her Surgery On A Mole That My Mother Continued To Repeat When Asked By Every Single Doctor "How Long Has That Mole Been There" To Always Hear Those Never Failing Words "Since I Had Her!!" I Was Her!!! Somehow I Was Blamed For This & Being A Small Child Can Honestly Say It Took A While Before She Literally Pounded It In My Head That It "Her Cancer" Was Somehow -My Fault-!!??!! Anyways...They Proceeded In Doing The Surgery To Remove Her Mole Right By Her Eye Brow & Come To Find Out After More Scans & Tests,The Surgeon Didn't Get It All & She Got Scary Sick..The Stories I Can Tell You and The Beatings That Came With Where She Would Tell You To Do Something , You Do It and Then Her Flip Completely Out And Swear While Thinking & Sometimes Praying She Would Just Kill Me And Get It Over With!! We Ended Up Having To Take Her To New York For Them To Do The Proper Surgery Corectly and Then The Cobalt Treatments..Shots They Were!! And Vials Of Somekind Of Pain Medication She Lugged Back & Forth From Long Island Into The City-Manhatten! Good For Us That's Is Where All My Wonderful Daddy's Side Of The Family Was..All Over New York! I Stayed A lot With My Oldest Brother Who Had A Place In New Jersey & Astoria .Where he Still Resides With His Wife & I Stayed With My Grandma(My Daddy's Mother) Wonderful Fiesty Italian Woman I Adored and Was Named After. Then I Would Get To Go Stay A While With My Grandpa(my Daddy's Dad) Awsome Loving Man,Like My Daddy!! My Other Older Brother Stayed With My Amazing Big Sister & Brother n law & My Beautiful Niece. Wow I Could Go On & On But My Back-Shoulder & Newest Pinched Nerve Now On The Right Side I Guess To Match The Darn One On The Left Side!! I Have Never Felt So Compeled To Tell "Anyone" All Of This..Sounds Like A Movie Huh!?! I Only Wish,Then I Could Of Awoken Without All The Pain She Inflicted Upon Me and All The Demeaning Kind Phrases She For Some Odd Reason Known To Me Was Always Degrading and Not To Mention The Never Ending Blame That Her Cancer Was Completely Unaquivickley My Fault...Daily Until It Had Became More Than Once A Day...Dare I Be So Lucky!! I'm Sorry For All The Unloading Is All I Know To Call It At This Moment In Time!! I Must Take My Pain Medicines and Nausia Meds & Let's Not Forget The Sleep(That I May Quickly Add Does NOT Work Any Longer!!) Medications That If..I Do Mean IF...I'm So Fortunate It May Let Me Get Never Any Longer Than 3 Hours..But I'm Greatful For The Couple I Must Say!! Thanks Again For The Open Eyes & For Reading This Mess Called My Life...My Whole Family Wants Me To Write A Book About My/Our Childhood and I Immediately Say "I Don't Even Know Where To Start."..Kinda Looks Like That May Not Be As Hard As I've Covinced Myself All These Years!! What Do I Call My Book?!? Beating Cancer--There's Some sarcasm Creeping Out Huh..Kind Of A Play On Words!! Or Hhmmm Getting Beat With Cancer?!? Ok I'm Done For Nor Can Barely Move My Head and Neck!! You Guys Are Wonderful!!! Feel Free To Comment or Maybe Give Me Some Kind Of Answers To All This Crap That's Going Zon Now,But Exspecially About Never An Oncologist For Me ...And... Why Not!?!

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