My husband was diagnosed with leukemia over 2 years ago

Posted by reflections @reflections, Sep 19, 2015

Hello everyone,
My husband was diagnosed with leukemia over 2 years ago, but after chemo treatment it went into remission. One month ago he started feeling bad again and was seen by his doctor that diagnosed the first time. After many test it came back this time as Large Cell Lymphoma. He is starting chemo again and will in the next few months go in for a bone marrow transplant. I have many questions about this procedure and the outcome of some other people that have gone through this.

Thanks for all your help

Hi @reflections, thanks for reaching out. Mayo Clinic has a lot of information available online about bone marrow transplants, which may be a helpful resource for you. I’ve included the link below.

Does anyone have a personal experience they can share with @reflections?


Hi @reflections,

How are you and your husband doing? I thought you might like to know that tomorrow there is a free webinar about Bone Marrow Transplantation

Click the link to register with your Connect account. During and after the webinar you can connect with other patients and caregivers, as well as ask questions to the medical team.

I hope you’ll join us.

Connect Community Director

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