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Glenn Negley

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Hello Cardionorth, I am glad to hear that your HA is 8

Posted by @glennnegley, Apr 23, 2012

Hello Cardionorth, I am glad to hear that your HA is 8 mod in the past. If that is good news. I had mine onMar2, 2012. I had 100% blockage in a Heart Artery. Luckily,I was in the ER, and crashed. ER crew said I was dead for 2-3 minutes before they Recisitated me. They ran me to the Cath Lab for an X-ray. Dr Gladding, a Cardiologist was across the Street from the Hospital. He did the Cath, installed a Stent, haves had only 2 events with Angina since. Your ? with Lipitor, years ago my family Dr. put me on Lipitor for high cholesterol, I experienced lots of muscle pain, was suffering with it, until a co-worker told me what the problem was. Dr changed me to another med. That was probably 15 – 20 years ago? The Dr put me on Lipitor(ATORVASTATIN) out of the Hospital. Have had some muscle pain, leg cramps and back pain, I know it is from the Lipitor. Prior to the HA, I was on LISINOPRIL. Did not have any problems. My Daughter an RN told me that all the STATIN drugs are for controlling Cholesterol. I would recommend standing on your Dr’s desk and tell him/her you want to try something which does not have as many side effects! Recommendation: Get a copy of the book “PREVENT AND REVERSE HEART DISEASE” Author; Dr Caldwell B Esselstyn, MD. It is available from It is an eye opener!!! Please keep in touch, will help anyway I can. Sincerely Glenn. @cardionorth


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