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hello and thanks for responding to my thread. I say it feels

Posted by @matthew86, Oct 16, 2012

hello and thanks for responding to my thread. I say it feels like an horse kicking you in the chest. I understand it saves our lives but, one thing that freaks me out since then is flashing lights, lightning, and stuff like that loud noises suck too. They have me on metetoporol and asprin they said everthing is ok but i think i am going to see if the VA will send me to the mayo clinic. I have a 9 yr step son and I know that it sucks to have to cut back on that stuff especially i was in the service and pretty active when this was going on and it all stopped for me. I would like to keep in contact and possibly talk on the phone looking for outreach like i was saying earlier. let me know what you think. @raderdude



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Posted by @raderdude, Oct 18, 2012

That will be fine to stay in contact. Here is my email Shoot me an email and I will respond with my ph#. I am located in Arizona,where are you at ? Just wondering for the time change difference.
I would have to say that living with these changes are the biggest/hardest thing to do. I had to give up playing softball,other than that I did not have many activities other than coaching my daughters softball team.
I am sure your step son will take you at 85% over not having you around at all. Have you thought about seeing a counsler/therapist ? Mine has helped me deal with things a lot.
Take care,Scott

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