I was Dxed with IPF 2014.

Posted by Nancy ligon @nancyligon, Jun 30, 2015

Hello All. My name is Nancy. I was Dxed with IPF 2014. I know am going to go thru the process of being placed on transplant list . I am hoping I can get advice from the get go on this .Afraid and stupid and otherwise in good health ( end stage lung disease in right lung) 61… Help. What can I expect?

Hi @nancyligon,
I’m the new Community Director on Connect and am catching up on some conversations. If you would like to connect with other people with pulmonary fibrosis meet @mairi and others on this discussion thread: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/pulmonary-fibrosis/

Are you on the transplant list? How are you doing?

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