Chronic dizziness and vestibular migraines

Posted by kimh33 @kimh33, Feb 25, 2016

Hello ^_^

My name is Kim. I am 33 years old and have been dizzy every single day for the last four years. I have had blood tests that have come back normal, an MRI which showed no abnormalities and I have seen a Neurologist and an ENT who did all the different tests and could find nothing wrong with me. The ENT, six months ago, decided that I must have Vestibular Migraine and prescribed me Pizotifen. I have not taken these at all because I am not convinced that I have had a four year unrelenting migraine and also she told me that it is common to put on lots of weight while on Pizotifen so I am not thrilled about that for sure.

I am supposed to go back in a week for a follow up visit but I think I will just cancel it because she can’t really follow up if I am not taking her advice.

I just wish I could work out what could cause four years of dizziness like this. I am still functioning, I can force myself to go out, to work, to college and pretend like everything is normal. I am not falling over but have the constant sensation that I’ve had a glass of wine too many. I can no longer drive a car. I do not get headaches or any other symptoms. Just the neverending dizziness.

I struggle at work. Every day I think about quitting and just staying at home but then I force myself to carry on as I do not want this feeling to become a disability. The only time that I feel ‘normal’ is lying down in bed at night. I also feel better sitting, not normal but definitely improved. However as soon as I have to walk anywhere, it’s back.

I was thinking about trying Sertraline as I read somewhere that it can help chronic dizziness but I’m scared of the other potential side-effects or if it is even worth trying. I might just be clutching for any solution here. Has anyone got any suggestions on anything that I can do? I’m really willing to try mostly anything at this stage!

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I know how you feel I have been lightheaded since 2013 and was convince that it was my right ear. I just discovered that I have an Enlargement of my right atrium and right ventricle thickened of my aorta valve thickened of my mitral valve. I also found out that I have Advanced Degenerative arthritis in the Cervical Spine and Subluxation in the Cervical Spine and not one freken Doctor told me any of this. You have to be your own advocate. Don’t give up. Get all of your records and Doctor’s notes and do your own research.

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hi redhead
I feel glad you finally found something out…how old are you, if you don't mind…I been dizzy 3 years now


I have these types of migraines. The effect can last more than just during the migraine because it overwhelms your balance center. It is sort of like a migraine hang over. They can happen often enough that your body cannot fully return to normal befire the next one occurs. You may have other issues that compound with the migraines. I have Chronic Subjective Dizziness coupled with my Vestibluar migraines and it makes me "dizzy" for hours…days…weeks…months…and even years at a time. I went to Mayo Clinic and had it diagnosed. I use a combination of medication, suppliments, exercise, talk therapy, and some less convential methids to strengthen my tolerance to the dizzy. I also work to prevent triggers from causing more acute attacks. It is a life long challenge for me going on 8yrs now. Be open minded. Our brains are very powerful and very delicate. Keep Looking for answers but be willing to really hear what doctors find in medical evidence. Not all cases of any one medical issue have the exact same symptoms. Take Care Hang In There!


I am Eliza 36 f, I'm going for 3 years of dizziness..I am just like u!! they can't find anything but I only don't feel dizzy in bed resting, driving, working out, but the rest washing dishes, showering, working, or in public o feel like passing out. what is wrong with is??! I made another doctor appointment for February to check more…I been 12 years on antidepressants and antipsychotics so my husband thinks is that I don't think so

so I wish you the best glad to find you!!
I also had a lot of ringing in my ears that went away….

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@urdream05 Hi I have tinnitus in my ears it's a ringing or humming I became dizzy and fell a couple of times my ear Dr is sending me for a special ear test Appt tomorrow best wishes


@urdream05 Hi I have tinnitus in my ears it's a ringing or humming I became dizzy and fell a couple of times my ear Dr is sending me for a special ear test Appt tomorrow best wishes

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@udreams05 After my 2gr8 testing Dr said it's nerve damage in my inner ear I had the dizziness and balance problems but the ear exercises he gave me to do still cause dizziness but he said this will improve as I keep them up Hope you found something to help you The rest I had was 2 hrs in length

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