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heavy bleeding

Posted by @irishmom44, Jan 10, 2012

I am considering ablation. Has anyone been through this? I am 50, seen the doctor. She recommended meds then the pill. I don’t want to go on the pill. Any suggestions? Thanks!



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Posted by @krysti, Jan 19, 2012

My doctor had me on the depo shot to stop my periods due to my anemia. The last three months my periods have been two weeks long. My doc suggested ablation but I am afraid I will go through all that pain and not stop my period. What did your doctor say about ablation? Is it very effective? Thanks for your comment and bringing up this topic ! I am going through the same as you.


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Posted by @irishmom44, Jan 19, 2012

Hi Krysti,
My periods have last 2 months with heavy clots and alot of severe cramping. My doctor took blood and did a biopsy to make sure things were “ok”. Blood work came back a little anemic and hormonal imbalances. I guess when you turn 50 things go south! LOL Anyway, I am going to get the ablation next week. I’ve talked to a few women that had it done and they are so glad they did it. So I will let you know the real deal next week! Thanks for replying!


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Posted by @jayjayks, Jan 30, 2012

I did the chemical ablation with birth control pills…was a pain for about two months but worked like a charm. i would recomend it highly.

Karen T.

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Posted by @karent1, Mar 16, 2012

I had ablation a few years ago due to excessive bleeding and anemia. I also have fibroids so doctor wasn’t sure that ablation would work for me. It worked great. Haven’t had a period since. I did not really have any side effects. I guess not having a period at all is in the minority of results. But even if the bleeding is reduced I think it’s worth a try. So easy

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