HeartMath (Rhythmic Breathing)

Posted by jm2022 @jm2022, Oct 6, 2022

Has anyone successfully used the new “Heart Intelligence” tools and techniques of the HeartMath program (incorporates biofeedback)? I have been using mindful meditation (Calm app, PlumVillage app, YouTube videos) for several years to reduce stress and anxiety related to early emotional trauma, and more recently for paroxysmal AFib (2009) and CVA/stroke (2020). I find the deep relaxation techniques and “rhythmic breathing” (6 breaths/min/cycle) to obtain “cardiac coherence” to be very helpful in managing my AFib. I have also successfully used EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) based on acupressure points ( aka “therapeutic tapping”) since I am taking Eloquis and cannot use acupuncture. These (free and simple to use) appear to be modern updates to the older “Silva Method” (alpha brain frequencies/vibrations) and NLP (neuro-reprogramming) of the 1960s and 1970s that incorporate the newer neuroplasticity and neuroscience concepts and imaging technologies. Currently working for me (Lic. Psychologist, Ret.)

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@jm2022 It sounds like you have great tools in your tool box. I know that deep breathing is essential to relaxation. I learned a lot about that and using inspiring music for relaxation in combination with deep breathing. One of my friends is a music therapist, and I asked him how it worked.

Personally, I learned a lot when I figured out how to deprogram my fear of major surgery when I had to go through spine surgery a few years ago. I had done a lot on my own, but I also talked to a psychologist to make sure I was in the right track and I heard about Heart Math. I was having panic attacks, and my blood pressure would spike and I found that I could lower it by 15 points with my rhythmic deep breathing and music. I was measuring it before and after my music/breathing sessions where I was breathing in time to the music at a relaxed pace. That was before I figured out what was seeding the fear which also was early emotional trauma that was unresolved. I completely changed my life doing this, and no longer fear surgery, and I've had some since then and sailed right on through them. Facing and defeating fear is fascinating, and we have the answer inside us on how to do that if we just listen to the voice within.

You might be interested in this discussion. My toolbox and life was filled with creativity, and I had a science education and read a lot of research. I talked a bit about it on a video of a podcast at the beginning of the discussion.

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I'm new here and just read your post.

My wife and I have been using EFT successfully for years.

I had a stroke in 2018, and for a long while after, I was terrified of having another one. I used EFT to ward off the fear, and have also used it to help in nearly every phase of my recovery.

I think it's a powerful tool. At the very least, it's easy to try, doesn't cost anything, and it can't hurt.

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