Heart slightly enlarged

Posted by elizaclair @elizaclair, Apr 16, 2018

I have been a diagnosed asthmatic since 5 years old on medication since then. I am now 65. Asthma worse over past 4 months and chest xray indicated slightly enlarged heart. Doctor did not discuss despite my telling him I am due to fly to the other side of the world involving 3 lengthy plane trips. I am worried as breathing not responding to usual inhalers. Should I get another doctor. Travel in 2 weeks? Thankyou.

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For Heaves sake, ASK HIM AGAIN. It will take too long to find a doctor who knows your case. Are you looking for a YES to dangerous to travel? Maybe some comfort from your present doctor is is in order. Ask him to his face. Tell him you are not leaving without an answer


I am amazed at doctors today. I was in two different hospitals. TWO DIFFERENT diagnosis of my kidney failure to not failure. One hospital said Stage 3 Kidney failure. The other said they are perfect. What the heck??

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