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Heart conditions

Posted by @cynthialynn, Jan 4, 2012

Im in search of a good heart dr. I am 29 an have 4children. Iv been havin problems with my heart since 1999 when i became preg with my oldest daughter which is now 12! Over the years things have gotten worse an i just want to live a normal life an be able to do things with my children like every other mother….

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Posted by @calamityjane, Feb 17, 2012

Hi saw your post today. I really understand about wanting to do things with your children. I have a 9 year old, since I”ve been diagnosed with ventricular Tachycardia last January we don”t do things like we use to. I feel guilty about it at times and sad even though I can”t help whats happened. I don”t think people understand unless it”s happened to them.I’m sure your children appreciate you for who you are. Hang in there if you feel like writing back I”m here.

Jack R

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Posted by @jackr, Apr 30, 2012

You don’t say what the dr’s say about your heart. When I became pregnant with my oldest son is when I found out I had heart trouble. The dr’s kept telling me I had Reumatic Fever when I was a child and it damaged my heart. My mother said I never had Reumatic Fever, but I did have Scarlet Fever. Through different circumstances, I found out I was born with a hole in my heart between the chambers. I had that repaired and had no problems till 30 years later and had to have a pacemaker. Jean

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