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Heart & Blood Vessel Conditions

Posted by @craylash in Heart & Blood Health, Oct 25, 2011

I take numerous medications before bed. Lately if I get out of bed after ingesting them I experience shortness of breath and chest pain. It tapers off if I stop moving. I went to my cardiologist and had a sonogram performed on my heart and my carotid arteries. I also had a stress test. Everything was fine. My cardiologist informed me that these tests are only 85% accurate and to be 100% accurate I should have an angiogram asap. He's being very cavalier about it and told me to come to the hospital 2 hours before the test. He has canceled several times now and he seems to be very indifferent about the procedure. He is the top rated cardiologist in the area. Should I get a second opinion?


Posted by @fishinglady, Aug 11, 2012

yes you should get a second opinion.

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