Heart ache and palpiltations

Posted by slumpkin @slumpkin, Thu, Mar 14 8:22am

Hello. I am a 28 year old woman and have been experiencing many different issues with my body. I began having anxiety about two years ago. I had two major panick attacks that I went to the doctor while I was having them. Since then it has been pretty decent to deal with. I feel it is getting better and have not had any attacks. I have within the last few months been getting an ache in my left chest area. It feels like my heart has an ache. Its mild but definitely noticable and uncomfortable. Its not a sharp or shooting pain its just a slight ache like a mild headache. It can also somewhat feel as though it goes through to my back on that side. Like its a deep ache. But its happening almost daily. There are days when it doesnt happen. I don't really have any other sympstoms with it. I do get a pounding heart out of nowhere sometimes though also. My heart doesnt race as much as it does pound. And it will do so at rest and just come on out of nowhere. And eventually it will sibside. Sometimes the ache in my heart will go away but sometimes it will last all day. I was getting a lot of heart burn however I changed my diet and feel much better and the heart burn went away so I don't attribute that as a symptom. I believe it had to do with my diet. I am just wondering if I should be concerned with this ache? and the pounding of the heart. The pounding of the heart does not always come with any feelings of anxiety but maybe that is what it is. But I don't know about the heart ache. I don't have any anxiety sympstoms along with this at all. Its just an ache. I have been to the doctor a few times this year and always have good blood pressure and I had an EKG done and it came back good. Should I be concerned about this ache? Is there any explanation for it?

@slumpkin Hi interesting issue. Im someone who has a histry of arrythmyas and so i know about a few different feelings in the chest area. I have since my arrythmya days received a heart transplant. So back in my arrymyia days i would always get confused between weither it was my heart, stomach or muscle since the all reside i the same area. Usually when i felt any pain tho it usually stomach. On the pounding tho i still get that even with my new heart and im told by my transplant team that is totally normal. I think when you go thru any type of heart issues you become much more aware of what's going on in your body. With me my pounding is usually when im on my side going to sleep and just turning over solves it. But always mention anything that you feel to your doctors.

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