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Harish Mirwani

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Posted by @harishmirwani, May 8, 2013

I’m Harish Miwani I had a heart problem of 5 block arteries,in Jan2004 the doctor in S’pore managed to put 1 stent and in Dec 2004 he managed to put 2 stents.
Been going there for a regular check up every 6 months once,all these years,except when i went there this March 2013 i did my stress test,where while doing the test my blood pressure dropped,so the doctor had to stop me n suggest to do an angiogram,while doing angio he somewhat ruptured the right side below artery,as my arteries are very funny in shape(crooked) so the doctor was hvng difficulty in doing it,there i had a heart attack,but i didn’t feel any pain during the attack,(i do not have any issue of diabetes)
Now the doctor has told me to come back after 60 days n suggest fr a MIBI test and will see if the test comes out good then fine,if not he is suggesting for an open heart surgery. Where I hv taken other opinions and 2 doctors have told that i need another stent n that’s it.
But I m just worried I cannot just do it from any doctor can anyone please guide me in this matter ?
Harish Mirwani


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