Hearing Tracker Releases ‘2021 Hearing Industry Map’ (Aug 30, 2021)

Posted by urgentresearch @urgentresearch, Aug 30, 2021

HearingReview just reported on this, and I thought I would share. The Hearing Trackers just released their new "mega map" of the hearing aid industry. I had no idea just how closely connected all these companies were. Feels useful to know and perhaps worth printing out for the audiology offices, as this seems like relevnt consumer information.

The map is quite impressive, seeing the industry from 40,000 ft in the air.

I was also surprised to see images of all the hearing aid models (newest releases) organized by category, and according to which company/brand the hearing aid is sold under, and retailer connections. Of course, lots of new companies have apparently entered the space too. Shows Bose, etc, too.

Anyway! Here is the news article I saw from today about this new mega map:
I think the full version link is https://www.hearingtracker.com/map but they sent it to my email. (Not sure I am allowed to upload it here, out of respect of copyright.)

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Thank you for sharing this. The hearing instrument industry is complex and is getting more and more complex with the potential for over the counter hearing aid sales. Looks like everyone has some skin in the game at all levels.,


I had hoped to see all the actual brand names for the aids sold at Costco, but Costco wasn't even listed, although some other mass marketers were. Really strange, because Costco's own brands were listed in at least two places. I think it's important to include this marketer due to the deep discounts offered. I'm very fortunate in that the tech at the Costco nearest me (60 miles away) is extremely knowledgeable, in fact more so than either of the two audis at the CI center over 100 miles away! She has taken the time to learn about what's available for HOH people, was aware of Live Transcribe for example when it first appeared.

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