Hearing Solutions using AirPods, etc,

Posted by mckinney3 @mckinney3, Oct 31, 2021

I have hearing loss that occurs with sounds above 2.5K frequency and at low volumes. I am 75 years old. I probably ruined my hearing in my youth listening to loud music and attending music concerts. I manage most of the time without hearing-aid devices. Except with my spouse. She speaks at a low volume (20-30 dB) and at a frequency below my cut-off. See the attached chart of my hearing profile. A perfect storm.

I have joined this forum seeking some solutions to improve our communications without spending mega-$ for the recommended hearing-ads from my audiologist. Yes, at some point a "bridge" will no longer work but I am somewhat successful with AirPod technology but am seeking advice on improving that experience.

I will make a post in the forums and will share my approach. I will also make that first post here in the introduction forum as well.

– I have high frequency loss above 2.5K and with rapid decay below 40 dB.
– I am seeking to augment communication with my wife who speaks below the frequency cut-off and at low volume (a perfect storm.) Postponing the inevitable high $$$ hearing-aids recommended by my audiologist is the "bridge" tactic.
-I am successfully using bluetooth Apple AirPods with Live Listen augmented with an App that creates a profile for my hearing that minimizes all the noise generated by the iPhone internal speaker as well as my on voice. Also only amplifies the sounds in my impaired frquencies.
– But ( there is always a but…) this approach requires the iPhone to be the listening device (internal microphone) as well as being tethered to my wife.
-The solution I wish to try and am seeking advice involves the use of a bluetooth lavalier type microphone or an independent lavalier microphone that she would clip on. This would be our set-up as we spend evenings in the same proximity (blue tooth range.) Or in the car. Or just about anywhere. Yes, the iPhone must be in the loop but it is always around anyway. She could talk to me from the kitchen when I am in the den with my back turned fiddling with my computer projects, etc. etc.
– I would like to correspond with folks who have successfully used this approach.
-I would like to correspond with folks who can make recommendations on bluetooth lavalier-type microphones or wireless-type lavalier microphones that would adapt to the iPhone approach I have described.

Thank you!

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It sounds like you are a technology buff. That's a good thing for people with hearing loss as there is a lot of wonderful tech available to us. You probably don't want my recommendation, but it is: Get a pair of good hearing aids that are fit properly for your hearing loss. BT is available, and with your willingness to experiment with add on tech, you will do well.

Yes, hearing aids cost too much, but there are places where you can get quality products for a good price. What kind of hearing aids did your audiologist recommend?


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