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Posted by @ury in Brain & Nervous System, Sep 22, 2012

when i was little i fell of the top of my roof on to the concreate, my body went in to shock, no bleeding and i did not tell my parents(8 years old), when i was 19 i got in to a sevear car accident, i hit my head so hard all my hair on that side fell out within a week following the accident, after going in to shock again i had a CT scan, everything normal. After the acident my migraines started, it has been 10 years since, and i started getting this sever headheaks for a couple months at a time, sometimes when i have then i dont think straight, I get a little nubness in some of my extremities, sometimes they get so bad that i get sick to my stomach, some very rare time i have trouble with my vision, i have gone to the doctor and done like a hole panle of test( no CT or MRI) only blood and she told me they are probably stress, sometimes i think it could be all in my head but sometimes the pain is so sever that i just want to go and get a CT scan or MRI, but i get scared and tell my self that what if there is nothing and i spend all this money for nothing, or find something that cant be fixed. Because they are by times and then they go away for a long timeq

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Posted by @ury, Sep 22, 2012

One time i got so bad after the accident i was at work and needed to stay and work I had just bought a bran new bottle of excedrine 24 pills, and i took two it was getting so bad i was not thinking straight, and took two more and later two more by the end of my shift i noticed that I was steel with this horrable migraine and my body was tingling i was hyper and my heart was going really fast, and i went to go for Two more pills and I notticed I only had 4 left! I freaked out i had swallowed 20 pills in two by two I went and got my self a galon of milk and drank as much as i could and sat out side of were i worked ( the VA hospital) just in case something happened to me

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