Have polio and need a hip replacement

Posted by kaitlyndowning @kaitlyndowning, Aug 19, 2021

my grandfather has polio in his leg and needs a hip replacement but has no muscle in his hip. is there a possibility of getting a hip replacement or a way of fixing his hip without having muscle in his hip?

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Hi @kaitlyndowning this is a question for the orthopedic surgeon. Have you discussed the possibilities with your father’s physician? The doctors would be able to give answers knowing your father’s medical history. First of all he would have to be cleared for surgery i.e. is he healthy enough for the surgical procedure? My mother had an orthopedic consult for a shoulder replacement. Sadly there were healths risks involved because of her age and health condition. She had decided against taking the risks for the surgery.


Good morning @kaitlyndowning and welcome to Connect. Everyone here is a patient, or a family member or caretaker of a patient. We try to help one another with information, good resources, and tips on what worked (or didn’t) for us. But were not doctors so we can’t diagnose or prescribe medications. I o agree with @avmcbellar in that your questions are ones to ask the surgeon. There are so many factors to be considered when deciding on major surgery.
Did a doctor tell your grandfather that he needed a hip replacement?


Hi @kaitlyndowning, I moved your message to the Joint Replacements group https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/joint-replacements/ as I think you'll get more responses here.

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