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having a illestomy is worst then having any type of transplant.

Posted by @kidney in Digestive Health, Dec 30, 2011

my personal opinion i have had 10 major surgeries for ulcertive colitis and chrons . I am currently trying to have a kidney transplant. i am in stage 4.but when i was going through all of that. i made some bad choices.I am being punished for that by one doctor. at mayo since i have been clean now 4 6yrs and 3mo i need to go to rehab. even though i have a permanent illestomy now. that the doctor feels that a transplant would be a stressful. and could cause me to make the same mistakes.i have a bag of liquid stool on my body all the time.since 11/2008 everyday is very stressful will it leak or will it come off. in a public sitting store/job. iam proudly to say i have not turned to drugs.and will never make that same choices again. if i go to rehab i loss my job loss my health ins= loss of life.all of my other doctors are so proud of me. but one doctor who i saw for 25-30 min decides if i live or die. and i am sure if i went to rehab lost my job mayo or any hosp would not eat the cost. what do i do plz help fightting for my life

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Posted by @sinamin, Jul 2, 2012

Hi sweetie im not sure i am understanding what you r trying to get across. Could you ask your question with a little less words, maybe? I want to understand your position.

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